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Put The Law To Work For You

Brooking & Halloran is a full-service law firm representing private individuals, small businesses and large companies in a wide variety of legal matters. Our focus is on individual service and client satisfaction.

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Your Attorney For Issues Big & Small

No case or legal matter is too small to deserve less than our full and immediate attention and service. Our clients appreciate that, as a small firm, our attorneys have the ability to promptly analyze their legal issues, and trust that we will provide accurate and well-reasoned advice and sound counsel that fully addresses all of their legal needs.

Serving Greater Cincinnati

Brooking & Halloran has over 36 years combined experience in all areas of law in State and Federal courts in both Kentucky and Ohio. We help individuals with a wide range of personal matters, small businesses with start up and corporate compliance, and large companies with complex corporate, transactional, employment, banking and daily regulatory issues. Whatever the issue Brooking & Halloran can help. Call today and speak to one of our attorneys and put the law to work for you.

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